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Local and national media sources regularly seek out Sheletta Brundidge for lively and newsworthy comments related to her activism, opinions and passions. Sheletta teaches, preaches and makes news on topics of social justice, diversity, parenting and more.

Podcasters on the ShelettaMakesMeLaugh platform are also frequently quoted for their expertise.


Here are links to some of the press accounts.


Sheletta featured on CNN for new children's book about George Floyd

Sheletta pressures politicians to support Black media with advertising

Sheletta works with preachers to put pressure on political candidates

Host of The Teen Whisperer podcast dies from cancer

Corporate Sponsors Line Up for Podcaster Sheletta Brundidge


Sheletta Makes Me Laugh media platform lands sponsorships with General Mills, Target - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal


Sheletta featured on CNN for using autism book to uplift and educate others

 'Let's go, Brandon': Child helps NASCAR's Brandon Brown change cant (


Sheletta makes record breaking donation to Uvalde library


Sheletta makes historic book donation to Uvalde library


Sheletta donates books to towns impacted by mass shootings


General Mills, Children's Minnesota help Sheletta send books to Uvalde

NBC features Sheletta's Buffalo book donation efforts to end racism

Sheletta donates books to help Buffalo heal after shooting

Sheletta gives away hundreds of books to children in Buffalo


Sheletta and United Healthcare give away books for Autism Awareness Month

Anissa Keyes talks about teen trauma after police encounter


Sheletta says her new book educates kids about autism


Emmy-winning comedian, Black media platform owner honored by USA TODAY 

Sheletta Wins National Civil Rights award 


Host of The Teen Whisperer podcast on ABC News

Sheletta gets Leader of the Year honor from Anthem Awards

Social media users say #ShelettaNeedsAShow

Sheletta featured in new show on Magnolia Network: Andrew Zimmern features Sheletta Brundidge on ‘Family Dinner’ (


CBS News features Sheletta’s special Christmas surprise

Sheletta Give out 120 Carbon Monoxide Detectors Following Moorhead Deaths

Black-owned media outlets pressure large companies to fulfill commitments

Sheletta demands corporate support for Black media companies

Axios shows how Sheletta does it all 

Q&A: Sheletta Brundidge wants her podcasting platform to inspire Black women

Sheletta celebrates Small Business Week with inspirational billboards

Sheletta joins Daily Blast LIVE to talk vaccine hesitancy

Sheletta talks to WebMD about racial disparities in healthcare

Sheletta being vaccinated featured in USA Today

Sheletta’s message about vaccinations makes it across the pond

How Sheletta built a podcasting platform in a year

Sheletta gives away hundreds of free books to teachers for #autism awareness

USA Today taps Sheletta for their national Storytellers Project

Sheletta Hands Out Books to End Racism

Minnesota mom’s book release upstaged by Lil Nas X music video

Brooks: Lil Nas X satanic panic disrupts Minnesota launch of children’s book

Sheletta’s new autism children’s book featured on CBS This Morning

Sheletta inspires parents of special needs kids on new reality show

Celeb chef Andrew Zimmern features Sheletta on his new Discovery Plus show

Sheletta on Fox talking impact of Texas lifting mask mandate

Sheletta wins a year of free groceries on The Doctors

Sheletta’s generosity move Minnesotans to help Texans in need

Sheletta helps Houstonians get carbon monoxide detectors

ABC spotlights Sheletta’s carbon monoxide detector giveaway to families in need

Sheletta encourages families to get carbon monoxide detectors to stay safe

JET Setting Divas donate gift baskets to frontline workers on NBC

Sheletta’s podcast featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for Black History Month

Sheletta Donates Dozens of CO Detectors After 5 Family

Members Die of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Jason helps teen battling mental health issues on CBS Radio

Sheletta says Lemonis will be a blessing to Ohio region on CBS

In Ohio newspaper, Sheletta says Camping World CEO will leave footprints

Cameron Goes To School featured in Christmas Gift Guide

Sheletta and her son Andrew featured on Tamron Hall Show

After Chrissy Teigen speaks out, Darcea Handy speaks up

Sheletta featured on The Tamron Hall Show

Sheletta Hosts Lake Charles Book & Toy Drive to Honor Her

family lost in Hurricane Laura

Sheletta Travels to Lake Charles to Provide Books and Toys for


Child Survivors of Hurricanes

Sheletta organizes book and toy drive for kids impacted by hurricanes

Sheletta broadcasts live from inside her new RV on ABC TV

Sheletta gets coverage in her hometown press for her kids’


Sheletta talks about the importance of faith over fear on Fox & Friends

New platform spotlights black podcasters in the Twin Cities

Dr. Verna and husband Shane selected as Black History Month Change Makers by NPR

The Teen Whisperer addresses athletes and mental health in light of Antonio Brown arrest

Sheletta gets a shout out from Oprah Winfrey on Twitter

Sheletta will compete for $100,000 prize on Ellen’s Game of Games

Sheletta & Lindy host blood pressure screening for men after death of John Singleton

Dr. Verna auctions massive Michelle Obama poster to raise money for at risk girls

The Teen Whisperer talks about teen suicide rates

Michelle Obama highlights Sheletta’s family during her St. Paul book talk

Sheletta and Lindy help police recruit black women for careers in law enforcement

Should you spank your kids? Sheletta and Lindy debate that topic on ABC

Sheletta’s autism book inspires children’s story about death of George Floyd

The Teen Whisperer Talks About Need For More Black Therapists

Sheletta talks about the impact of George Floyd’s death on black children

Sheletta wins new RV and national endorsement deal from CNBC star

When she couldn’t find a book about a black girl with autism, Sheletta wrote one for her daughter Cameron

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