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Welcome to Sheletta Makes Me Laugh

ShelettaMakesMeLaugh is a multi-media podcasting and production company founded, owned and operated by Sheletta Brundidge.

For Black folks, the platform is “the” place to share our stories and talk about our concerns.

For business partners, this is “the” place to connect with our community and demonstrate your support for Black-owned media.

Our platform spotlights an impressive roster of Black subject experts whose voices have been ignored by or shut out of traditional mainstream media. Here they claim their rightful spotlight. They break barriers and share their insights, perspectives and knowledge.

Our hosts cover a wide range of themes on their podcasts, with topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to mental health, fitness to finance, travel to special needs parenting.

ShelettaMakesMeLaugh is “the” one-stop-shop for cultural relevance, creativity and community activism. 



The folks at ShelettaMakesMeLaugh inspire, educate and entertain!

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