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Hurricane Help

When Sheletta decided to go down to Lake Charles to give away copies of her autism book Cameron Goes To School to kids who survived two hurricanes, Minnesota authors stepped in to help by donating copies of their children’s books. 

#MNLovesLakeCharles so much that Twin Cities residents are still looking for ways to help children who lost everything during Hurricanes Laura and Delta. 

So Sheletta created a list of children’s books by Minnesota authors that you can purchase and send to the area that will be distributed to children who need them and damaged libraries that lost all their inventory.

Books needed:

Sheletta Brundidge, Cameron Goes To School

Susan Wardell, My Grandma’s Hands

Chelsea Fadden, Go Away, Mama!

Cheryl Stephani, Big Cat Little Fox

Laurie Hanson, Treasure’s Gift

Peter Ross, Uh-Oh! We’ve Got Birds!

Sharon Henry, Good Day, Sad Day, Same Day: A Day With My Mommy Who Has Bipolar Disorder

Life in the Neck: New Friends

Life in the Neck: Squirrel Trouble

Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer

Dan Wellik, Pickles + Ocho in Spanish

Dan Wellik, Pickles + Ocho in English

Tracy Sides, Riker’s Taxi Trouble

Bob Allen, Fly-in to the Boonies

Janet McGee, Visiting Ted in Heaven

Megan Henderson, Shiva’s Dance: Myths for Little Yogis

Jennifer Trebisovsky, Make It A Good Day

Artika Tyner, Justice Makes A Difference

Please consider buying as many of these titles as you can and mail them to:

Elizabeth Daigle, MLIS

Programming Supervisor, Central Branch

Calcasieu Parish Public Library

301 W. Claude St.

Lake Charles, LA 70605

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