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Eden Prairie Safety Camp, first of its kind, prepares for its 35th season

In 1990, Eden Prairie offered the first-ever safety camp. Since then, the practice of teaching kids how to be safe in a day-camp setting has spread to communities across Minnesota and the United States.

“If you talk to anyone that’s under the age of 35 in Eden Prairie, they’ve heard of safety camp or been to safety camp,” said Lisa Toomey, a City Council member who also serves as president of the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund, which sponsors the annual event.

Each year, the camp teaches upwards of 150 Eden Prairie third-graders how to be safe in their everyday lives. The police, fire and recreation departments team up with partners like Xcel Energy and Hennepin Healthcare.

Safety camp covers a big list of safety types--everything from fire and water to bikes and boats. Instructors also teach kids how to be careful with animals, poison and the internet.

Toomey points to an added benefit, beyond injury prevention. “A really good thing is that they [the campers] become familiar with the police and fire that are in their community that are there to help them.” Toomey hopes safety camp helps kids feel comfortable asking for help if and when they need it.

Earlier this year, at the opening of the new Xfinity store in Eden Prairie, Comcast made a $5,000 donation to the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund toward Safety Camp. “We’re extremely grateful for it,” said Toomey. “Without that money, some kids might not be able to attend.”

Registration begins March 6 for the two-day camp, which will take place on June 25-26. Families can register at



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