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REBUILDING TOGETHER MINNESOTA: On a mission to ensure safe, livable homes

Community is everything to Rebuilding Together Minnesota. Since 1997, this non-profit

organization has preserved homes and revitalized lives in communities throughout the State by

providing no-cost vital home repairs for seniors and those living with physical limitations. From

exterior projects like installing ramps to making interior improvements such as repairing

flooring and windows, the goal is always the same, to create a safe home environment.

One of the priorities for Rebuilding Together Minnesota (RTMN) is to make it possible for

the elderly to age in place. According to Executive Director Kathy Greiner, “We serve low-

income families throughout Minnesota by looking at anything in the house that could lead to a

health or safety hazard. Adding something as simple as grab bars in a bathroom can help

prevent a dangerous fall or replacing drafty, older windows makes for a healthier living


RTMN takes on hundreds of home and community based projects every year, and can do so

thanks to their dedicated, skilled volunteers. Board Member and volunteer Kelly Martin was

inspired by a personal experience, “my father was a recipient of windows through Rebuilding

Together Minnesota in 2018 and they were so well-organized and I enjoyed working with them

so much that I asked how I could help out and volunteer my time.”

There are a couple of ways to request services for yourself or a loved one. You can go to the website and fill out an application or give the organization a call at 651-776-4272.

RTMN then sends an evaluator to the home to determine the specific needs. Depending on the

types of services requested, the wait can be anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more

for the work to take place.

How can you help? Rebuilding Together Minnesota has a fun way for you to help raise funds

while enjoying a beautiful day outdoors. Whether you’re an avid angler or fish once-a -summer,

you can take part in the second annual Hook, Line and Shelter virtual fishing tournament is

happening now through Labor Day. Kathy Greiner says it’s easy to get involved, “It’s a peer-to-

peer event, so you can get your family and friends involved to support us. All the money you

raise comes back to us so we can go out and do more projects.” If you don’t fish, you can also

donate via the website.

RTMN is always looking for volunteers, as grab bar installations and building ramps are often

done by volunteers. They provide training and the opportunity to be part of making life a bit

safer for your neighbors. To volunteer, donate or apply for services go to or call 651-



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