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Ride for a buck! TAP pass gives eligible riders $1 fare on Metro Transit buses, express buses and light rail

Over half a million metro-area residents are eligible for a program that would

dramatically cut their cost to ride Metro Transit buses, express buses and light

rail, all day, every day.

Sadly, only a fraction of the people who could be saving money with a Transit

Assistance Program (TAP) pass are currently enrolled.

The TAP pass drops the fare price that eligible users pay to just $1 for any ride.

“Public transit is very affordable, but every penny counts, so TAP is a great

program for people,” said Andrea Kiepe, Transit Assistance Program coordinator

for Metro Transit.

The base adult fare on Metro Transit buses and light rail is $2, rising to $2.50 for

rush hour fares; Express Bus adult fare is $2.50 and rises to $3.25 during rush

hour. With a TAP pass added to a Go-To Card, riders to pay $1 for any of these

Metro Transit rides, complete with a 2 1/2 hour transfer.

The savings are loaded on their Metro Transit Go-To Card, which riders use

when getting on the train or bus.

“What they use looks like any Go-To Card; nobody knows when they use it that

they are getting the $1 fare,” Kiepe said.

Unlike some programs available to lower income people, Metro Transit has

designed TAP to be easy to apply for, allowing applicants to begin accessing the

transit savings quickly.

“We hear about people who learn about TAP when they’re on the bus or train,

look it up on their phone and have the application filled out in two minutes.

Everyone in their household is ready to go and will get the savings,” Kiepe said

People can enroll online, uploading their photo ID and one of the dozens of

documents that Metro Transit accepts, like an EBT card, Medical Assistance

card, or affordable housing voucher. The full list of documents can be seen at

Metro Transit partners with 140 local nonprofit organizations and service

agencies that also administer the program and distribute the cards.

The TAP pass provides a year-long reduced fare pass on a Go-To Card. Users

can add value to the TAP pass in various ways, including by paying online with a

credit card, paying by mail with a credit card or check and using cash or a credit

card at a rail ticket machine or at Transit Facilities.

People can apply for TAP benefits in person at the Burnsville Transit Station, 100

Highway 13, Burnsville, the Minneapolis Metro Transit Service Center, 719

Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis, the St. Paul Metro Transit Service Center at US

Bank Center Skyway, 101 E. 5th Street, St. Paul and the SouthWest Transit

Station, 13500 Technology Drive, Eden Prairie.

“We know there are thousands of people who are qualified for TAP and could be

using it every day to save money,” Kiepe said. “We want be be sure that people

know this is an option that can help them stretch their budget.”


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