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Sheletta celebrates International Women’s Day by celebrating herself

Watch Sheletta deliver this Almanac Monologue as only she can right here:

Today (March 8,2024) is International Women’s Day.


So why did I pick this day to visit the Johnson Space Center?


To tell the truth, it’s because it’s in my hometown of Houston, Texas. I’m here

so my kids can make mischief with their grandparents over spring break.


But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain why I want to be at NASA on the

day that celebrates women.


The ‘Johnson' on the sign out front is for President Lyndon Johnson, who pushed the American space program during his administration.


But when I look at it, I think it should honor Katherine Johnson.


You know Katherine Johnson.


She was the brilliant Black mathematician portrayed in the book and movie

Hidden Figures.” It was her equations and calculations that guided multiple missions into space, from liftoff to splashdown.


Katherine Johnson’s work went unrecognized by the public, although the astronauts and the folks at Mission Control surely knew about it.


Sadly it was 47 years after she saved the Apollo 13 mission, when she was 98 years old, that she was finally awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


That math ain't mathing.

NO woman should have to wait that long for her accomplishments to be celebrated.


Then and now, women have been told, doing good work is it’s own reward.


But I disagree.


Ladies, it’s time to take the credit and take the bows we deserve. I for one have perfected the art of clapping for myself.


When I do a good job, I celebrate me. I take out Clear Channel billboards, put my own face on my T shirt, and make my friends wear them. I toot my own horn because if I wait for someone else to, I might never hear it.

Mrs. Johnson’s genius got man on the moon, but she never asked for the moon for herself.


Let’s be bold enough to do it, ladies.


For International Women's Day, go to your job, your boss, your spouse, even your kids--because they need to know their mama is awesome.


Demand the moon, the Milky Way and throw in the sun.


Why? Because you're shining bright. Because you're a star.


Now, get out there and make sure everyone knows it!



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