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Tubman Center’s upcoming “Express Good” event to center youth survivors of violence

Youthful survivors of relationship and domestic violence are at the center of Express

Good, an annual community event sponsored by Tubman.

“This will be an uplifting, powerful event designed with and for youth,” promised Jen

Polzin, Tubman’s executive director. “The event is geared at bringing the community

together, acknowledging challenges but recognizing the our strength. The energy will be


Express Good will be held on March 21 from 5 to 7 pm at the NorthStar Youth Outreach

Center, 3001 White Bear Ave, Maplewood, Mn Suite 2006, located in the Maplewood


In addition to food and games, it will feature a workshop by acclaimed local guest artist

and youth worker Sean Garrison to underscore and recognize the value of the arts as a

mode of healing.

“This is an offspring of our youth leadership programs. Youth who were going through

challenges and dark times went through our violence prevention curriculum,” Polzin

explained. “They wanted to bring it to their friends, and other youth, standing shoulder-

to-shoulder to make a difference to make an impact.”

Polzin said that the event is a reminder that people of all backgrounds in the community

can find themselves in need of the resources that Tubman provides.

“We all know someone,” she said. “Even if we don’t think we know someone who is

impacted, we do. We let them know they are not alone, that we believe them, that the

violence isn’t their fault and that there are places like Tubman that can help.”

Tubman began its work 48 years ago and has expanded beyond serving survivors of

domestic/relationship violence to being a resource for people who are escaping

trafficking, dealing with chemical and mental health challenges, experiencing

homelessness and other trauma.

Last year alone, the local nonprofit and survivor-led organization served more than

18,400 individuals of all ages, races, genders and cultural backgrounds in the Twin

Cities metro area.

Despite those numbers, Polzin said that she and Tubman staff and volunteers remain

optimistic about work that breaks the cycle of violence.

“We hear the most horrific stories but we also get to bear witness to joy. My team gets to

watch this community coming together and have a front row seat to hope. Every day,”

she said.

One of Tubman’s biggest annual fundraiser is the 15th annual Starlight Soiree coming

up on May 3. Tickets are now available for purchase and sponsorships are also

If YOU or a loved one is experiencing domestic/relationship violence, you can find help

and make a change and you can do it today. Contact Tubman at its 24-hour response

line at 612-825-0000


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